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Why leaders should memorize employees’ Predictive Index results

The founder of Predictive Index, Arnold Daniels, said that when working with others, he always pictured their PI patterns on their foreheads to remind him “that’s who I’m talking to, and that’s who I’m dealing with.” Our most successful clients memorize the PIs of their employees and key co-workers for just this reason.

Study the PI of each person on the team, and manage each person accordingly. Understand and unlock each individual’s natural motivators. As a leader, you have the power and responsibility to create a different, appropriate environment for each employee. Do this every day through communication, delegation, empowerment, training, coaching, and mentoring. Think about PI each time you interact with someone.

Keep employees focused on the most meaningful parts of their jobs. Align departmental goals with the company goals. Communicate the goals widely and positively. When working one on-one, think about how each employee can uniquely contribute to the larger goal, and how to phrase your message so that person (based on their PI) will truly hear it, understand it, and see how it is relevant to them.

Find creative opportunities to excite people. Has thinning competition opened the door to getting new customers? Can you offer new products or services to existing customers that they didn’t need before the economic downturn? Does reorganization give someone the long-awaited chance to learn a new skill, try a new job, or be part of a different team? Do you have some strong High A’s who are energized by the extra challenges inherent in this market? Don’t forget: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Our motivating needs don’t change much during our adult lives. Understand the PIs of your team members, and feed their needs. The negative effects of “the storm” are mitigated when our needs are met. Otherwise, they’re exacerbated.

If you can successfully implement the Predictive Index, you’ll increase employee productivity, happiness, and retention, and thus make a big impact on the success of your company. Virtually every worker comes to a new job excited to be there. They are looking forward to some form of success as defined by them. Our job as leaders within our organization is to take that excitement and channel it into jobs in which new employees can be successful. We need to give employees the tools and training they need to thrive. And then, we need to appreciate them in the ways they want to be appreciated.
This is how we engage an employee and it is the fundamental lesson Predictive Index teaches us. Predictive Index gives us the tools we need to engage our employees. From the day they start work until the day they retire and every day in between. Study it. Understand it. Practice it.


See that  all the necessary people in your organization are trained in PI. Predictive Index provides the key.

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