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Leaders aren’t born and no one can turn into a leader overnight. It takes a lot of nurturing and growth to become an effective leader.

  • Do your leaders effectively motivate their people and align them to the organization’s strategy?
  • Have you ever promoted an excellent employee to a leadership role, and then you realized he or she was not cut out for it?
  • When employees leave your organization, how do you know it’s not the leadership that caused it?

Oliver Group is a provider for The Leadership Pipeline Institute,® the leading international provider of solutions based on the Leadership Pipeline principles. LPI has extensive experience in implementing the pipeline concepts in both private and public companies around the world and are now exclusively licensing firms to expand the reach of LPIUS’ unique research and programs.  LPI solutions enable clients to build a stronger bench of leaders while creating a system or “talent factory” for future leader development.  The principles can be applied across industries and leadership levels, allowing for customization to your organization.

Leadership Pipeline Institute

With Stephen Drotter, author of The Leadership Pipeline and The Performance Pipeline, as Chairman, the Leadership Pipeline Institute® is the official research institute and leading global provider of solutions based on the Leadership Pipeline principles. The Institute is located in 15 countries and  services are delivered in 17 different languages.

If you need help identifying and training leaders for your organization, contact us.


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