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Leadership Development

Managing and leading are two different things. Management is about things and processes, while leadership is about people and outcomes. Management is definitely necessary, but effective leadership is what gets results. Ineffective leadership can lead to a lack of execution, employee engagement, and team performance. While some problems may be the result of team makeup, it’s the leader’s responsibility to fix. Our Leadership Development programs focus on measuring the leadership gaps against proven competencies. We’ll teach your leaders to focus on the right things, apply their time in the right ways, and develop the skills to achieve effective execution. Many of our clients enjoy both individual and group coaching interwoven into the work plan. Results include the ability to select and develop team members, effectively identify and communicate goals, and focus on team growth and performance.

Executive Coaching

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, leaders often progress at a rate that doesn’t allow them time to develop, leaving them unequipped to handle the challenges that lie ahead. The Oliver Group’s Executive Coaching can help uncover your new leaders’ capabilities, while providing a sounding board for organizational dynamics, strategic issues, and day-to-day management decisions. Common outcomes from Executive Coaching include improved self-awareness, self-confidence, mentoring, and conflict resolution abilities.

Team Development

Effective teamwork saves time, solves problems, improves engagement and leads to more energy, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment. The Oliver Group’s Team Development programs help align your teams with your organization’s vision and goals. The end result will be higher engagement and greater productivity.

360° Survey

A 360° Survey on an employee provides feedback from internal and external sources, including subordinates, peers, supervisors, customers, suppliers and more. It also includes a self-assessment. The survey’s results are used to understand the gaps between the individual’s self-view and the views of his or her peers. This allows the Oliver Group to develop a plan of action for the employee’s growth and development. When combined with Executive Coaching, this provides a strong approach to change.

Employee Engagement Survey

This survey gathers views and insights from employees by allowing them to anonymously answer a questionnaire on a variety of subjects, including leadership effectiveness, opportunities for growth, and the ability to make an impact. This survey helps identify issues, measure progress, and lays the foundation for planning future organizational development.

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