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10 Reasons to Coach Your Leaders

Executive coaching for your leaders does more than just improve the skills of people being coached. Here are some other ways that coaching helps your organization:

  1. Coaching helps deal with issues before they become significant problems. That is yet another reason why coaching should be a resource for your high performers, not simply a corrective action.
  2. 80% of people coached report higher self-confidence.
  3. 70% of people coached have improved work performance, relationships and communications skills.
  4. 77% of executives coached improve working relationships with direct reports, and 71% improve working relationships with immediate supervisors.
  5. 86% of companies report recouping their investment on coaching.
  6. 53% of executives coached are more productive.
  7. 48% of companies with coaching improve quality and organizational strength.
  8. 34% of companies with coaching reduce customer complaints and 39% improved customer service.
  9. Coaching leads to a better experience for employees, including life/work balance improvements. And we know that happy, well-adjusted employees with high morale are more likely to stay in their roles and perform at higher rates.
  10. 96% of coaching clients would repeat the process.

Executive coaching is a proven practice to help improve your leaders and all employees within the organization. With the right coach, your leaders’ full potential can be unleashed. Learn more from our white paper.




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