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Predictive Index Workshops


Drive Results With Talent Workshop

(formerly Becoming a PI Practitioner Workshop)

We’ve updated the materials and overall flow of the workshop to create improved linkage between the science of the PI and the tools and resources of the on-line platform. Additionally, the entire session is now offered virtually, with each module customized to be easily administered and absorbed remotely. The workshop provides hands-on practice with the PI tools, including case studies, sample job assessments, individual and group exercises, and action plans. Poor performance, mismanagement, low productivity, high turnover, low engagement – all of these issues can be addressed through the effective application of PI’s human capital management methodology in your business.


Inspire People to Perform Workshop

(formerly Managing People to Perform Workshop)

This virtually-led 1-day workshop is perfect for front-line managers, supervisors and directors responsible for maximizing the business performance of their teams. It’s designed to give managers the tools and perspectives needed to better manage their team members as well as understand their own management style.


Create Awareness with People Data Workshop

This virtual half-day workshop is intended for employees at any level inside your organization and provides a solid foundation of understanding the PI Behavioral Assessment. The curriculum provides participants with the insights and tools they need to develop increased self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what motivates their day-to-day behaviors.


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