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Predictive Index Implementation: a guide to getting started

Perhaps you’ve just attended the Predictive Index Management Workshopand you’re ready to get started with Predictive Index®-plus the concept of assessments may be new to your organization. Or you’ve been using PI® for years for development, and you want to incorporate it into your hiring processes. Either way, Oliver Group recommends the following steps as best practices for implementing PI into your organization.

  • Determine goals: Are you looking to improve employee retention or performance in a particular role?
  • Obtain executive buy-in: Make sure your organization’s leaders get behind the tool
  • Train your organization: Ensure that the right team members are trained, so they understand the application of the tool
  • Match PI use to your process and technology with employees and candidates: There are several options for doing this, and PI works with several applicant systems.
  • Incorporate the PRO into your hiring process: Benchmark every single role with a PRO, which defines the behavioral requirements of a role. Don’t assume you know everything about a role.
  • Embed the Predictive Index in interviewing: There are several ways to do this, plus you can do this with reference checks.
  • Share behavioral information with the team: Make sure the team you’re hiring for understands behaviors.
  • Measure results to see what is working: Do you need to tweak things about the hiring process and the PIs you’re hiring for?


By following these steps, you’ll find that your organization is better able to incorporate Predictive Index into the hiring process.

Receive our white paper to learn more about these steps, and hear from different clients who have shared their best practices as well.

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Post by Jeanne Ward.

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