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Leadership 5.0 – Moving to Mastery

Leaders face more challenges today than ever before. And the stakes are higher too. With economic changes coming at organizations from all angles, technology advances moving at warp speed and the need to recruit and retain top talent, leaders are faced with making decisions that can make or break an organization with little or no time to analyze the full impact on the total success of the entity. Are you prepared to handle the leadership challenges coming your way?

Regardless of your industry, all leaders share a common need – how to pull together a strong team, dedicated to growing the organization. Yet few leaders actually have mastered the skills necessary to put the structure in place to accomplish their goals – and sadly don’t even know it.

Leadership 5.0 is a two-day conference being held in Nashville, Tennessee this Fall. To learn more about this conference, and how it will benefit you and your organization, please visit

Post by Steve Doherty.


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