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How to engage with the Predictive Index®

How are you engaging your employees?  What engages them?  The Predictive Index® can tell you just that.  By utilizing this tool, you can improve and build upon the culture of your organization.

Every contact a manager has with each and every employee is an opportunity to motivate — or de-motivate. Also, every action and communication that takes place in the organization has an impact on the people in it. How will they respond? Will everyone respond in a similar manner? (Not likely.) How can we gain enthusiasm, energy and a “push from behind” for our business initiatives? How can we maximize the amount of energy each employee will devote to the benefit of the company and his or her success in the job?

PI provides very specific insights into how people are motivated, how they will perceive the demands of the environment, what kinds of work most invigorates them, and many other factors contributing to motivation.


  1. Understand the job, and the drives that the job conditions will best reward.
    • Use job analysis methods, including the PRO to assess this.
  2. Maximize the fit between people and their jobs.
  3. Know the PIs of your people.
    • Organizationally, what kinds of patterns are most prevalent in different areas of the company?
    • Will communication of goals, policies, etc. be delivered in ways appropriate to the different people in the organization?
    • Individual managers should commit their direct reports’ PIs to memory, or keep them handy for reference in order to develop strategies to best support each person.
  4. During times of change, assess the impact on different parts of the company, given the preponderance of different PIs (Sales versus Engineering, for example).
    • What do those data tell you about change management strategies?
    • What kinds of communication and support are needed?
    • What is a reasonable timeline for implementation?
    • Where will the “push backs” likely come from?
    • How can we help people embrace the change?
    • How can we get them to help drive the change?


Contact us to learn more about the PI, and see our calendar to sign up for an upcoming Predictive Index Management Workshop.

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