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Driving Talent Acceleration through Leadership Readiness – HCI Webinar

Who are your up-and-coming leaders? And are they ready?

Leadership starts at the top, but a highly functioning and successful organization fosters leaders at all levels. Yet – for typical companies – only 17% of leadership investments actually go toward the development of first- and second-level leaders, with the rest targeted exclusively at executives. With a large percentage of Baby Boomers nearing retirement age, organizations that fail to bridge the gap between current and future leaders could risk their ability to operate efficiently and perhaps, lose their competitive edge.

Companies that offer employees opportunities to lead and grow in their roles are more likely to retain the top talent fundamental to their success. Nurturing these high-performers and leaders requires a development process that reflects employees’ natural behaviors and styles and includes specific, progressive steps that help future leaders reach their full potential.

Organizations must understand the following to prepare leaders:

  • Current trends in leadership acceleration, plus global and HiPo leadership competencies
  • How to look beyond skillsets when hiring to understand a candidate’s leadership potential
  • Benefits of an efficient, data-driven onboarding process to maximize leader effectiveness
  • Coaching guidelines to unlock higher levels of performance, faster


Watch the webcast to learn more!

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