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11 tactics to improve healthcare employee selection

Healthcare is in the midst of great turmoil right now.  From Critical Care Nurses to Home Health Therapists and Occupational Therapists, Coders to Cardiovascular surgeryprofessionals, hospitals are having trouble finding the right people, and they have trouble keeping the right people.  Simultaneously healthcare is experiencing decreasing margins, so they need to find creative ways to lower costs in employee turnover and increase efficiency.

Here are some ways that healthcare organizations are starting to think differently about the approach to the marketplace.

  1.  Using assessments to identify the right people the first time and place them in the best roles–in order to reduce expensive turnover costs

  2. Finding out why candidates are interested in roles and tying in cultural values

  3. Giving a realistic job preview, especially to students

  4. Working in concert with hiring managers with hiring tools to help find the best candidates and build understanding with them

  5. Following up with hires after 90 days, 6 months and even 1 year, identifying top performers and figuring out what about them helps them stick–use that as a benchmark

  6. Asking candidates the top things they’re looking for in a role

  7. Asking managers why candidates are (or aren’t) top performers  Email signup

  8. Utilizing electronic training for efficiency

  9. Conducting exit interviews for employees who are leaving

  10. Enhancing clinical experience for internships so new hires are better prepared for roles

  11. Collaborative recruiting efforts from regional hospitals to attract top healthcare candidates to the area


 Article by Jeanne Ward.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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