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You Might Just Be The Problem?

One of the most pervasive, and certainly most pernicious, organizational issues I encounter involves the failure of senior leaders to recognize their own need for on-going development.  There is a sense, in such cases, that these leaders believe they somehow…

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Pandemic Survey Results

As an organization committed to and focused on helping our clients develop their leaders, Oliver Group recently launched a survey to gather information on the role leaders have played during the COVID-19 pandemic. We targeted more than 2,200 leaders across…

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Good Coaching Is Critical

Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

Why Good Coaching is Critical to Our Leadership Approach In my last piece, I focused on the need to develop the skill of delegation. Learning to effectively delegate is one of the most essential—and should be one of the first—skills…

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Leadership Learning Curve When Getting Promotion

The Leadership Learning Curve

Does This Sound Familiar? You take the most successful salesperson in your organization, and you reward them with a promotion to Sales Manager. But, turns out they can’t manage their checking account, let alone your company’s sales team, and just…

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