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Roadblocks to leadership development success

Even the best leadership development program does not guarantee success – to the organization or individual participants. There are four roadblocks that often derail the outcomes. They are purpose, participant selection, curriculum engagement and accountability. As a result, not all…

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Action steps for talent battles

A low unemployment rate coupled with retirements of baby boomers is creating a new urgency behind the "talent wars," or the battle among companies to attract and keep the best people. Finding talent for positions is currently a huge problem…

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Leadership Development Trends

Employers are ramping up training. According to the latest research from Bersin by Deloitte, U.S. corporations increased training expenditures by 10% in 2014, and employers are investing in internal skill development. Here are some other leadership development trends we're seeing…

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A Little Narcissism Can Be A Good Thing

Imagine the President of a corporation with a timid disposition; one who literally cowers when meeting another leader. That wouldn’t be really inspiring, would it? Now, imagine a President who interrupts others and never accepts being wrong; who uses power…

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