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Assessment tools to help you hire smarter

You’ve probably found yourself thinking: “We need want to hire both smart AND motivated people.”   Hiring team members who are motivated, engaged, and are a natural behavioral fit for their role is vital (and using the Predictive Index® takes care of this aspect), but it is also critical for them to be smart.  What does “smart” mean in business context and how would you know when a candidate meets that criteria? Standardized scores such as those on the ACT or SAT aren’t going to tell us what we need to know, and most companies simply aren’t recruiting from the Ivy Leagues. 


If you’re looking for a strong decision maker, who can think critically, weigh the evidence in front of them objectively without an emotional bias, and who is able to understand context within the big picture, the Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Test is the tool of choice. Based on the RED model (Recognize Assumptions, Evaluate Arguments, and Draw Conclusions) which cuts cleanly through faulty arguments, confusing information, and all of the other barriers that cloud our ability to make a decision, this 40-item assessment can give you added insight in how an individual’s critical thinking ability stacks up against his/her peers.


If you’re looking for a someone who can learn new, complex skills quickly and work proficiently with those skills in the midst of fast-paced change, the Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) can help.  The PLI assessment is a cost-efficient and practical way to turn the knowledge that “smarter people do better” into a competitive advantage in day-to-day HR operations, using cognitive abilities as a solid data point when assessing individuals. It is easy to administer and takes a candidate only 12 minutes per round (two rounds total) to complete, making it a streamlined component of any company’s hiring practices.


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Post by Vicky Stevens.

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