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Industry Experience  

  • More than 30 years of progressive leadership experience
  • 21 years Finance, Sales and Marketing at GE and Marriott
  • Led start-ups, integrated acquisitions and opened new markets
  • Former COO of a national packaging distribution company



  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Kentucky
  • GE Financial Management Program graduate

Poor Leadership Moment  

  • As a young, first-time manager, I told an employee to ‘just figure it out and do your job.’ Clearly, I was wrong. This became a turning point in my career–when I learned the difference between a manager and a leader.

Best Leadership Moment    

  • Sixteen years after my poor leadership moment, I was nominated by over 30 colleagues for the J.W. Marriott Award for Excellence in Leadership

Unique Facts

  • I have lived in 7 states and have worked in 8 — KY, PA, CT, OH, FL, AZ, NV and CA
  • I started working at age 12 and put myself through college by mowing lawns, working in construction and as a weekend custodian

Famous Encounters   

  • Jack Welch, Bill Marriott, Jr., Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, Rick Pitino, Charlie Strong, Charles Barkley and Dan Patrick
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