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Leading Your People to Victory

30+ years of winning at people.

Oliver Group works with organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100’s, helping clients fuel growth, overcome obstacles and achieve specific goals. Why hire paper pushers, when you’ve got all-stars?

All organizations face challenges. Challenges are solved by people.

The question is how to get people where they need to be to overcome those challenges. That’s where the Oliver Group comes in. We believe people can perform at their highest potential and we don’t just help you create the playbook. We work alongside you and your organization to prepare for the future and perform at new levels. We have been there – or at least been in similar situations to what you may be facing.  We have built a diverse, experienced team that can add perspectives and solutions you may not have thought possible.

Our consultants are proven business leaders who have led high-performing teams and businesses across various industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Consumer Brands, Hospitality and the US Military.

Jennifer Mackin Oliver Group

Jennifer Mackin

Chief Executive Officer

My family would say I took on a leadership role from the time I was a toddler. However, being an EFFECTIVE leader has been a work in process and still is. Leadership can be lonely and hard. I want to share my learning to make it easier for others and to help leaders make a difference within their organization and communities.

Tom Cox Oliver Group

Thomas Bradley Cox


Ambitious. Driven. Intense. Outcome oriented. Words that have been used to describe me throughout my life. My biggest victory has been translating those attributes into effective leadership. As I continue to refine my approach, I am most engaged when challenging leaders and teams around the status quo and driving them to pursue courageous new solutions.


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