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Yankee Candle improves performance by 40% with the Predictive Index®

With the use of the assessment tools the Predictive Index®and the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ Yankee Candle (of S. Deerfield, MA) was able to assess, train, develop and ultimately improve the performance of its employees.  Performance increased 40% with the combination of the behavioral insights of the Predictive Index and the sales training of the Customer-Focused Selling workshop, which trains people on their Selling Skills as assessed by the SSAT.  Read more in our full case study on Yankee Candle.

According to Yankee Candle’s Sr. VP of HR, Martha LaCroix:

“Predictive Index is used all across our business – in manufacturing, distribution, sales, retail stores, and with our senior leadership team.  We use Predictive Index for leadership development as well as individual and team development – understanding the behavioral styles and needs that motivate them.

With so many retail stores across the country, we examined our store manager position by conducting a PI Worldwide validity study.  Predictive Index patterns were matched to performance measures- meeting sales targets and budget projections.  The Predictive Index validity study gave us a very clear picture of the top 25% of sales performers and the bottom 25% of performers.  It was very compelling to see the behavioral and work style differences between the two groups.

As a result of the study, we’ve used Predictive Index to help coach those employees who didn’t have the natural behaviors of the top 25%, but could be moved in the same direction as those who did.  We are also using Predictive Index to determine which new job candidates possess the natural behaviors to be successful in the sales manager role.

Predictive Index provides Yankee Candle with a common language to discuss individual and team behavior in a safe, non-judgmental way.  Predictive Index has helped forge strong relationships amongst teams by allowing people to play on each others’ strengths in a new and better way than they did before.

Predictive Index is a critical tool- it makes such a practical and personal difference to companies and their people, one individual at a time.”


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