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Why This Stuff Matters – Episode 12 – Jim Schinski, The Right Timing For Leaders

Why This Stuff Matters – Episode 12 – Jim Schinski, The Right Timing for Leaders

Jim Schinski, CIO at Arizona Public Services and energy industry expert, joins Steve Hopkins, VP of Client Development at Oliver Group and Tom Cox, President of Oliver Group, for Episode 12. Jim discusses the importance of timing in leadership. He also advocates for levity and compassion in leaders, especially in areas like engineering that tend to be much more serious.

When you experience the right leader at the right time, the impact is extraordinary and lasting. Jim points to Winston Churchill as a prime example, where his courage and intellect directed the course of history during World War II.

However, Jim also warns us not to be afraid of letting leaders go when they are no longer the right fit—waiting too long only hurts the organization. Making the hard decision is better for everyone in the long run.

Be sure to listen to learn about the time Jim took leadership tips from the circus!

Jim is a long-time friend of Oliver Group and a proponent of the Leadership Pipeline methodology. We appreciate his assertion that leadership is a learned skill, one that needs to be continually developed throughout the career transitions of a leader. We couldn’t agree more!

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