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Thank You, GLI! We’re Proud To Be An Inc.credible Awards Finalist.

Thank You, GLI! We’re Proud to be an Inc.credible Awards Finalist.

I talk a lot here about identifying opportunities for growth and overcoming challenges. But, if you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy hearing good news, too! And part of strong leadership is celebrating success.

We’re proud to announce that Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI), the Metro Chamber of Commerce, has named us a Finalist for the Small Business category in their 2019 Inc.credible Awards.

GLI explains, “The winning company exemplifies both business and civic leadership. Community involvement, management practices, and overall financial performance are the primary criteria for this category.” Those are certainly tenets that we pursue here at Oliver Group!

It’s an honor, and we are excited at the opportunity to be recognized for our work and for the culture we have created. I’m grateful to be a part of a team that cares so much about the community–and of a community that is pursuing greatness! The GLI has been an outstanding partner to us, and we thank them for this recognition.We hope to see many of you at the Inc.credible Awards, May 16 at the C2 Event Venue. GLI promises “an inspirational event for anyone who knows the importance of small businesses dreaming big…” Tickets are currently available through their website.

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