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Brain drain: fight it

Yahoo is facing a major employee brain drain. Only 34% of the tech company's employees believe that the company will improve, and top talent is streaming out the door (cnbc).    While Yahoo's story is possibly dramatized by the media…

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Delegating is developing

"Delegating is developing... not dumping." In other words, leadership is not about doing the things you've always done, and it's not about passing on your least favorite parts of the job. What exactly is leadership then, and what should delegating look…

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What makes an entrepreneur?

The traditional definition of the word entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and takes a risk, possibly losing money. Lots of money.  Of course, huge financial gain is possible. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Sam Walton all come to…

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Create a succession plan

How should all businesses and organizations prepare for the future?  A thoughtful succession plan is the answer.  Here are some steps that companies can take to look at their bench strength and transition to the future: Build the team–create better working…

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3 Steps To Claim Your Role As Leader

So you are ready for leadership. You are one of the top individual performers in your organization. You have been selected as an “Emerging Leader” (whatever that means…) and your stock is on the rise. You might think the company might…

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