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8 tips to manage for results in hires

You hired the absolute perfect candidate. The resume is stellar, the interviews flowed amazingly well with the team, and the Predictive Index assessment was a close match to the behavioral benchmark. The compensation package is great for the hire and the company, and everyone is so happy. This hire is going to work here forever, bring results, and a high return on the investment. You’re going to look like an amazing leader for catching this hire.

Not so easy. The work has only begun. Now that you’ve got the right person in the position, the way to keep her there is to manage and motivate her according to her PI. The Self Pattern gives a clear picture of what her unique needs are; make sure they’re being met on a daily basis. Pretend you’re a vegetarian. If all you ever got to eat at work were roast beef, would you keep coming back? Probably not. Even if everything looked good from the outside, the hire needs to be managed and motivated, so you can retain them and get the amazing results you both desire.

As a leader, you need to ensure that each employee gets the particular food that s/he needs. Given the many different ways in which we feed our employees, PI can help a lot. Consider their PIs whenever you make decisions about them, including these areas:

Communication: How does this person prefer to communicate? Via text, telephone? And how frequently?
Giving rewards: Should this hire be praised publicly? Would s/he prefer a recognition plaque or a gift card?
Compensation structure: Do the role incentives match the job design? Is a commission based plan or a bonus more appropriate for a sales-oriented role?
Personal/career development: What kind of succession planning can be done with this person? What goals can you/they set and how will you get there?
Delegating work: What should you delegate to the hire, and how? Is this a leader of others or an individual contributor? Are you a leader of leaders or a leader of others?
Empowerment: What does empowerment mean to the hire, and how can you enable them?
Accountability: What should the hire be held accountable for, and how?
Challenges: What are appropriate challenges for this person? How do you challenge them?

Combine the power of predictive analytics from hiring to your present situation, and utilize Predictive Index to not only grow a strong team, but keep the momentum going.


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