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We believe that acceptance, compassion and understanding are keys to creating a warm and welcoming workplace for our employees, clients and colleagues. Diversification of our team shall remain a strategic imperative for Oliver Group because it is the right thing to do, and it is important that we continue to grow with our clients and meet them where they are. We believe we can make a difference in our communities through our advocacy and actions around diversity.


Racism is a global health crisis. Like any other disease it infects society in a way that debilitates the entire body of the human race. When part of our body is ill, the entire body suffers. Oliver Group advocates for the elimination of racism and leverages our skills and expertise in our communities to lift up those who are marginalized by racism or other forms of discrimination.


We believe that we need to serve in the communities in which we live and work. Our communities provide the opportunity for our success in the form of our employees, support services and clients. We recognize that there are many areas of need in our communities and so our commitment to serve is reflected in our Volunteer Time Off policy that enables our team to take paid time off to volunteer in their local communities.


THE UNITED WAY – The United Way is Oliver Group’s national philanthropy. Tied to our Volunteer Time Off policy, this provides meaningful access for our team members to connect with programs and make a direct impact on neighbors in need.

CANOPY – Canopy is a Louisville-based non-profit whose mission is to promote and certify “good business” in Kentucky. The Canopy team works to develop socially responsible businesses where they give back to the community in meaningful ways. Oliver Group contributes time, talent and funds to Canopy and its various initiatives.

BUSINESS COUNCIL TO END RACISIM – Louisville’s metro Chamber of Commerce is Greater Louisville, Inc. (GLI). In response to the need for interventions related to racial inequities in Louisville, GLI formed the Business Council to End Racism. Oliver Group associates are participating in key workstreams and also as a strategic partner to GLI related to this important work. Oliver Group supports the belief that the business community has the resources and talent to make the necessary changes.

MINORITY BUISNESS ACCELERATOR – Louisville’s metro Chamber of Commerce is Greater Louisville, Inc. (GLI). In response to the need for interventions related to racial inequities in Louisville, GLI formed the Minority Business Accelerator. Oliver Group associates are participating in support of helping minority owned businesses grow and thrive. Oliver Group believes that we have a responsibility to help our minority businesses grow through volunteering our expertise in talent development and organizational performance.

THE CENTER FOR WOMEN AND FAMILIES – The Center for Women and Families provides trauma-informed advocacy and support for individuals, families and communities affected by intimate partner violence and sexual assault. They mitigate the impact of trauma by building resiliency and reducing risk factors at all levels. They are guided by a strong grassroots feminist history, and a commitment to social and economic justice. They co-create violence free lives, families, and communities.

ACTOR’S THEATER – Another community service based event is OG’s support and sponsorship of Actor’s Theatre. Jennifer is on the board. Additionally, in lieu of the annual dinner, fundraising event, OG is one of the sponsors for this virtual event:

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