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When your organization has a vacancy in its leadership, filling the position quickly (with the best person), is likely the urgent need. Finding the ideal candidate for a leadership position is a painstaking and time-consuming endeavor. It takes a special skill set to manage the urgency while finding and vetting the right talent. That’s why Oliver Group does the heavy lifting for you.

We find alignment first

We go deeper than the job description and get to know your organization. It may be that what you thought you wanted in a leader isn’t what you really need or the selection committee isn’t on the same page. What are the key priorities of the role? What problems will this role need to solve? What type of leader will work best with the existing team? And how can you objectively identify those attributes for the role and within the candidates? Our process ensures every candidate we identify will be aligned with your organization from the start.

“After talking through the competencies of the role with Oliver Group, we realized that we didn’t need someone who is already connected. We really needed a strong leader who can actively build connections and organizations.”
Mason Rummel, the James Graham Brown Foundation

The unique

We don’t just look at the candidates who come to us. We go out and find top leaders who are successful in their current roles and not actively job hunting.


We use a suite of data analytics to assess behavioral and cognitive abilities. We use data, not gut feelings.

We take a deep dive into what drives each candidate. We find the exact right match for the position.

We have the tough logistical conversations upfront, so you already know details such as compensation and relocation needs.

The result: the strongest
leader for your role

Our rigorous search and vetting process provides value for your entire organization. We analyze position specifications, experiential and educational requirements, work style competencies, behavioral, cognitive and critical thinking assessments, and a strategically written questionnaire.

Your new leader will:

  • Align with organizational needs from day one.
  • Start the position fully prepared to be more productive within the first 100 days.
  • Work effectively within their team.
  • Have a higher likelihood of long-term success in the role.

Our proven
vetting process


We follow up
with you and
the candidate at 30, 60
and 90 days.

Oliver Group

For more than 30 years, Oliver Group has helped organizations acquire and develop top talent by objectively assessing people and teams against desired outcomes. We work with our clients to develop a clear plan of action that ensures the right people are in place to help the organization grow and adapt, hit important goals and be a great place to work. For any business, people make the difference, and we want your people to perform at their highest levels. You can count on our full suite of services to help you build an exceptional team.

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