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For many organizations, the number-one challenge is finding, keeping and developing good employees. Yet few organizations systematically align their human resources practices with long-term strategic goals. The Oliver Group provides the tools for selection, retention and development of human capital.


By using scientific assessment tools such as the Predictive Index®, we help organizations understand the key motivating factors of potential hires. In addition to reviewing the education, skills and experiences of candidates, we can quickly identify an applicant’s natural ability to perform in the position and predict future success.


Selecting and hiring the ideal candidate is only part of the equation. To keep your new hires, it’s important to address individual needs. The Predictive Index® also provides insights on how to create engaging environments. Beyond that, leaders must be effective at growing and developing talent. The Oliver Group’s leadership development methods, coupled with tools like the Predictive Index®, increase the odds of retention and performance.

Executive Search

Whether you have a new leadership position, a sudden resignation or termination, or simply the need to expand, you need the best leadership talent available. By using our specialized market research approach, our experience at identifying talent and our scientific assessment tools, the Oliver Group can identify and recruit individuals who fit your culture, role and team. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on running your business. View our current searches.


For most organizations, payroll is their biggest expense. However, many leaders make personnel decisions based on emotion rather than on hard data. Payroll and anything related to the selection, development and performance of people should be viewed as an investment. By using the Oliver Group’s scientific, data-driven assessment tools, you can remove emotional attachments. This results in hiring the right people and improving employee retention, developing strong leaders, improving team performance, and more.

Predictive Index® System

This sophisticated survey is scientifically validated to accurately predict work-related behavior, as well as measure people’s drives, needs, and motivations. Currently, more than 8,000 businesses and organizations worldwide use PI to help them select, retain and develop key talent.

Predictive Index Learning Indicator™

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator™ is a cognitive ability assessment that measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.

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