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Recess: Do you need to recharge your batteries?

According to CNN, employees receive an average of 12 vacation days per year, but most don’t even use all of those.  Face it, even the best workers need a break.  You might need to recharge your batteries if you: 

  • Think about work all the time, even on weekends or holidays
  • Can’t step away from work e-mail/texts
  • Feel anxious, irritable or stressed
  • Don’t remember the last time you did something for fun

Vacations and breaks can get you back on track.  You don’t have to go anywhere, but you can take a moment to focus and separate from the workplace.

Predictive Index® tells you how engaged people are in their roles and when they might need to recharge their “batteries.”  Especially when you are adapting your behavior to meet the needs of the environment, which we are all forced to do at some point or another, it is important to take the time to recharge ourselves and recognize the need for others in the organization to do so in order to sustain performance levels. Assessment tools can help organizations mitigate the stresses of the workplace.

Photo courtesy and copyright of Free Range Stock.

Article by Jeanne Ward.

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