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Predictive Index®: more than a hiring tool

See what our client LockNet has to say about the Predictive Index® by visiting their blog.  Predictive Index is all about setting up your organization and the candidates you bring in for success, to meet and exceed your goals.  Since implementing Predictive Index in the hiring process, LockNet has squashed their turnover to zero and saved time during the process.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with LockNet and helping them to achieve great success. As you can see, PI isn’t only for large companies–smaller organizations like LockNet can leverage the tool as well.

And, we couldn’t write it any better: “The use of the Predictive Index extends well beyond just a hiring tool.  It can be used as a tool for team-building, improved communications, morale gauging, and performance appraisals.  If you feel that you need to spruce up your hiring practices or any of the areas listed above, we suggest you check it out!”


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