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14 reasons to love the Predictive Index® assessment tool

Here are several ways that the Predictive Index® helps organizations and their leaders to provide more rewarding work experiences.  Plus, who doesn’t love a tool that helps you to look really smart?  heart-151634_640

  1. You can harness the power of your team with PI® to achieve a common goal.  With the diversity of personalities on a team, there are bound to be misunderstandings, but your team must operate effectively.  The PI® helps you understand how people work together, so you can bridge these gaps.
  2. The PI helps you to analyze a job and determine what is necessary for optimal performance.  The Performance Requirements Options™ (PRO) process provides a realistic look at what a job will take from a behavioral standpoint in order to drive performance.
  3. The PI helps you to attract the right candidates with behavior appropriate communications.  Describe the environment of your company in a way to attract the people you want.
  4. PI helps you to select the ideal person for your open role in an objective manner.  Use PI with other sources of information such as interviews and reference checks, and leverage it with probing behavioral questions during these steps in the selection process.   Prepare for meeting your candidates with targeted questions around their PI patterns.  Know what to expect at your interviews.
  5. The PI helps you think about the context of the job you are hiring for.  What kind of person works best with this supervisor?  What areas could the leader use support in?
  6. PI helps you narrow down the candidate pool, quickly.  When there are hundreds of applicants for single positions, it helps you to narrow in on the top candidates to interview, those who meet both the experience and behavioral requirements of the role.
  7. You can plan for the future of your whole organization with the PI.  It gives you an objective look at the drives, capacities and motivations of the leaders who shape and execute your strategic plans, and it tells you what you might need as you plan for the future.
  8. The PI allows you to plan for the development of your organization.  You can identify future needs and high potential employees, build leadership development plans and train future leaders.
  9. Coach and mentor your employees using the PI tool, which is critical to gaining an understanding of them and their needs.
  10. PI helps you to resolve conflict by allowing managers to look objectively at the similarities and differences in people that contribute to difficulties.  PI helps managers to approach situations in a more effective manner.
  11. Motivate people—every contact a leader has with each employee is an opportunity to motivate.   The knowledge provided by the PI makes these contacts more impactful and can drive performance if people are invigorated on the job.
  12. Communicate effectively with the PI.  The PI gives you information on how to best approach others and build relationships.
  13. The PI helps organizations to embrace change.  It shows you how to support different individuals and parts of an organization when changes occur.  It can encourage people to drive change, instead of resisting it.
  14. Retain your motivated, talented people with the PI and avoid the high cost of turnover.  PI helps you retain people by improving the fit between people and their roles and also developing managers to more effectively lead and motivate.


If you aren’t trained in the PI but want to learn more about this impactful tool, read this case study to see how other organizations have found great success with it.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Post by Jeanne Ward.

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