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Introducing Our New ForbesBooks Podcast: Who Will Lead?

Introducing our New ForbesBooks Podcast: Who Will Lead?

Our new ForbesBooks podcast is LIVE: Who Will Lead? Your Company. Your Future. Are you sure your leaders are ready?

Leading has never been more difficult, with the rapidly accelerating pace of change and ever greater business expectations. There aren’t many people who leaders can talk to about the challenges that confront them day-to-day. This podcast was designed to share real-life leadership thoughts and stories to help make the leadership journey easier for others.

Who Will Lead? invites CEOs and other senior leaders of companies going through change and growth to share their leadership wisdom and their challenges to provide support and insights. The stories they share come from their direct experience and offer real insight for listeners going through similar challenges in their own businesses. Whether you’re a leader, or simply on the journey to become a leader, you’re invited to share the thinking and the leadership lessons that have made these guests some of the most notable names in their industries.

Guests include leadership experts such as the CEO of one of the largest providers of healthcare services in the US, as well as the CEO of an industry-leading building materials company that recently completed a large acquisition.

Watch for new episodes of Who Will Lead? each month, as we introduce a new leader with knowledge to ensure you and your leaders are ready for your future!

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  1. Jennifer, I ran across your post and if possible, would like to listen in to the exciting podcast. I’m meeting Katherine for lunch next Thursday (March 5) and can ask her about this, if you prefer. Just let me know. Thanks! Deanna

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