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How to pass the Predictive Index® assessment

Google that, and we guarantee you’ll find a variety of thoughts from around the web.

The truth is, there is no wrong or right with the Predictive Index®.  The goals of Predictive Index® are to find people who will be both happy and productive in a given job and to help managers meet the needs of their employees by motivating them to higher performance.  By placing people who are behaviorally suited to the demands of a role in the correct role, companies can improve retention rates, and more importantly, performance and outcomes.  PI is scientifically validated and has been tested and tried with thousands of employers, and it is a component of many Best in Class Companies.

“Cheating” on the Predictive Index is difficult to do and not in your best interest. You can fake your answers on any type of assessment, but it is unlikely that you can do it in such a way as to fit the ideal answers that the company is seeking. The Predictive Index has many choices to pick from and the combination factors of those have a significant effect on the survey results.

And do you really want to be placed in a role where you feel like you’re standing on your head all day?  The best thing you can do is to take the Predictive Index honestly after you’ve applied for  a job where you believe you would fit in well.  Then you’ll be setting yourself and your employer up for success.

Wondering how the PI helps employers? Read our case study!


Post by Jeanne Ward.

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