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Create a succession plan

How should all businesses and organizations prepare for the future?  A thoughtful succession plan is the answer.  Here are some steps that companies can take to look at their bench strength and transition to the future:

  • Build the team–create better working relationships to improve both individual and team performance.
  • Assess the current team and ensure you have the right team members  – ensure that everyone fits into your group.  Develop key members of your teams with educational and leadership development opportunities.
  • Analyze the organization internally and externally & create a plan – Look at your organization and its fit, within the company as a whole and also within your industry.
  • Inspire others with your vision – owners should be able to depict the future vision of the organization in an inspirational manner.
  • Identify and leverage the best advisors –  Coaches provide balanced advice to the transitioning leader and help to validate your game plan.


Maker’s Mark has been working with The Oliver Group for nearly 30 years, and they have used the Predictive Index® as the basis of their succession planning for this family-led operation.


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