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How to select and retain healthcare employees

Did you know that 1 out of every 11 U.S residents is employed by the healthcare sector? Another stunning fact is that 1 out of every 7 U.S. residents will leave his or her job this year.

There are several strategies to deal with this problem

Hire for a better fit

Use selection and assessment tools such as Predictive Index® to increase your hiring “batting average.” By creating a behavioral benchmark for every single role you hire, from the office assistant to the leadership team, you can pinpoint the right behaviors for the role from the beginning.  Surveying your applicants’ personalities helps you narrow down to the top candidates and it also helps you to prepare for interviews with them.

Retain top employees

Continue your journey with Predictive Index to help keep employees motivated.  An engaged employee will perform better, be more productive and is less likely to be lured away from the organization. PI®  tells you what employees will be engaged by.

Train, train and train!

Given the impending retirements of millions of Baby Boomers and the increasing complexity of the medical world, healthcare workers need training.  By preparing your workforce with medical training and other employee development, you’ll not only engage employees with learning and excite them about their careers in healthcare, you’ll be preparing for the future of your organization.


Article by Jeanne Ward.

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