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The 12 gifts of Predictive Index®

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Happy holidays!

Here are the top 12 gifts that Predictive Index® brings leaders and organizations year- round.

  1. Self-awareness – know your effect on others. You might perceive yourself very differently from the world around you.
  2. Understanding of others: figure out what makes other people tick – use this to be a more empathetic and influential colleague.
  3. Better interview questions – ask more probing questions to figure out how different candidates will interact with the team.
  4. Improved job design with the PRO tool – design roles not just based on knowledge, skills and abilities, but on the behavioral needs of the role.
  5. Increased employee retention – lower costly turnover rates when you have the right people in the right roles, the first time.
  6. Higher employee engagement and commitment – employees will be happier and thus more committed to the organization and your mission, leading to better outcomes and performance.
  7. Improved communications skills – you’ll know how to connect better with people.
  8. Superior customer service:  customers (also clients and patients) will be happier when they deal with a more content employee base.
  9. Objective data to help you make decisions – PI® helps you make decisions with reliable, valid information, so you don’t have to use your “gut.” Its 4 motivating factors help employers understand how dominant, extroverted, patient and detailed people are (or aren’t). It’s much better than simply asking some behavioral interview questions.
  10. The power to create a more cohesive team – when your team members are aware of the PI patterns of everyone on it and individual differences and similarities, they’ll work better together.
  11. A common language around personality and behavior – organizations with objective words for describing each other through the the PI bond over their common language.
  12. Secrets to motivating your employees –  leaders must coach, influence and motivate others to perform–PI gives you knowledge to help with that.

A better overall work environment so you can accomplish more than ever!  We hope that you can use the gifts of PI to accomplish work that you truly love, from the holidays into the coming year.


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