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Executive search: hiring top talent for success in today’s economy

According to Manpower, 1 in 3 companies report having difficulty filling jobs, and nearly half of those organizations believe that the talent shortage is affecting their ability to meet business needs. To succeed in today’s economic climate, company leaders must have the right competencies, experience and knowledge, and there has never been more of a necessity for companies to have passionate, change-driven leaders. Given the scarcity of talent in many industries and recent turbulence in the economy, forward-thinking companies are preparing for the future by putting new, strategic leaders in place. Hiring top talent is even more competitive than ever, as companies need to find the right match and need to discern the stars among all the candidates in the pool, meanwhile attracting candidates with competitive opportunities. The Executive Search industry is positioned for growth with strong 2015 numbers, according to the Association of Executive Search Consultants. Companies need the right leaders on board in order to grow.

Executive search is the consultative process of recruiting individuals to fill senior executive positions, and The Oliver Group’s Executive Search process is distinctive and thorough. We start with a needs assessment to further understand our clients’ culture and strategic objectives. The Predictive Index® and Predictive Index Learning Indicator are incorporated into our executive searches, from initial discussions with our clients to create performance and behavioral benchmarks (PROs) to behavioral interviewing and extensive screening,. Having a behavioral benchmark is key to narrowing down carefully sourced candidates to match behavioral motivators and cultural fits to the roles our clients seek. Upon hiring, the new executive is set up for success due to the thoughtfulness of a process that fully matches skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors to the needs of the role and culture of the company.

Isn’t there an overabundance of people in the job marketplace? Well, yes, there millions of Americans seeking full-time work. However, the executive-level talent pool is shrinking as demographics shift and needs increase. According to Manpower, employers in the Americas are having difficulty filling positions because there isn’t suitable talent available. Company job postings are currently receiving tremendously high response rates, generally only yielding more unimpressive resumes to sort. Often the ideal candidates need to be directly approached about roles, because most of them aren’t posting their resumes. This makes finding the right “fit” even more critical as our clients screen more heavily for talent but also court the right leaders.

The Oliver Group has found top talent over the last thirty years for a diverse range of clients, including Maker’s Mark, Baptist Hospital East, Norton Healthcare and Paducah Bank & Trust, and a few of you reading today might even be executives that we have discovered for our clients. Currently, the most in-demand leadership is in the healthcare, financial services and technology industries, and adaptable leaders are what companies need the most. We hope that you will consider coming to our team for assistance with your senior level hires or analyzing the candidate pools that you already have. Our consultants can help you find the best fit from all angles and set up individuals for success on your team with executive searches and candidate analyses. Finding the right people for your leadership team is key to your organization’s performance in the economy.

Learn more about the Oliver Group’s executive search process by watching our video.

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