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Don’t take a leadership #selfie

How you think you lead may not look as good to others.



Smartphone cameras led to the recent popularity of a photographic phenomenon, the self-portrait, deemed “selfie” in 2002. Even the President has taken selfies, and so have countless celebrities. While selfies are intended to be flattering, they are often only beautiful to the photographer.  Almost since the term first appeared, the internet also popped up with articles about “how to take a selfie” and “worst selfies.” Taking your own photo may not be as great as you think it is.

So too goes your leadership portrait. Do you see yourself as a laid-back, fair leader? How do you know that your employees don’t view you as a micro-manager? Don’t simply ask employees what they think and expect an honest answer, either.

A 360° Survey provides leaders with anonymous feedback from internal and external sources, including peers, supervisors and reports. With a self-assessment, this evaluation provides a clear view of the gaps between the leader’s performance and his or her perceptions. Those gaps are analyzed to construct an action plan for the leader to follow and start to implement changes or capitalize upon strengths identified. A coach can assist with this implementation and provide a sounding-board and objective third-party to help leaders.

Pair 360 data with the behavioral information of the Predictive Index® Survey, and leaders will receive an objective view of their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses. According to Mark Mueller, Consultant and Executive Coach, “a picture is a two-dimensional representation of an individual at a point in time, and thoughtful leaders will benefit from a three-dimensional picture to understand their natural behaviors, adaptive behaviors, and the way others view them. Effective insights provide the leader with a holistic viewpoint for reflection and more effective engagement.” Of course, always use valid, reliable assessments to ensure that you are looking at the right 3D image. Email signup

Don’t let yourself or other leaders in your organization continue with their “selfie” perceptions of themselves, which may not always be so flattering. Let us help you take a professional photograph and retouch your leadership style.

Post by Jeanne Ward.

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