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It’s not uncommon for a company’s leaders and boards of directors to have different visions. Both groups believe they have the answers, but too many hands on the steering wheel can cause an organization to veer off course. Through our Leadership Alignment work, Oliver Group consultants will help get all decision-making parties on the same page to develop plans and goals that can be carried throughout the organization.


Combining two organizations or reorganizing your current structure can create a new, stronger, more efficient entity. But the process is complicated. You must assess each organization’s financial and operational strengths, customer base, market presence, product or service expertise, organizational culture and a myriad of other factors.


The key to keeping customers is how you develop and serve them. With the Oliver Group’s Customer-Focused Selling (CFS) workshop, you and your team will learn how to listen, identify needs, and help customers with solutions. Based on the Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT), the program identifies competency gaps, allowing sales teams to focus on specific areas of opportunity to be more effective at consultative selling.


The sudden departure of a top executive or the failure to plan around potential gaps in leadership could throw your organization into chaos. With Succession Planning, we can help prepare you for the future by identifying and training upcoming talent for leadership. For long-term survival and success, continuity of leadership – not just the CEO, but all key positions – must be a top priority for your organization.


Without a clearly defined, well-understood plan with clear goals, an organization can find itself distracted or simply underperforming. By developing a strategic plan with goals, the Oliver Group can help your organization understand expectations, measure outcomes, improve decision-making, anticipate and manage change, and align leaders from top to bottom, as well as identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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