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When time and effort is focused on helping others succeed and grow, the entire organization benefits from better communication, effective feedback and collaboration toward common goals. Oliver Group’s consulting programs have helped organizations, both small and large, achieve higher levels of performance in leadership, teamwork, hiring, and more. Here are a few of our success stories.

client case studies

Leveraging Natural Talent

With Oliver Group’s executive coaching, leadership development and insights through the Predictive Index tool, Maker’s Mark has been able to leverage their natural gifts and talents within the organization to create an iconic brand that is famous worldwide.

Kindred Healthcare V2

Helped Save Millions of Dollars

“Overall, using PI has led to a 2.2% reduction in turnover among the Hospital Division employee staff. Improving retention has helped save millions of dollars, including search firm fees,” says David Mikula, former Senior Vice President in the Hospital Division.

Improvements Across the Board

The results of Leaders of Others scores in the following areas all improved only 6 months after the LTP course, in all competencies, including setting objectives and prioritizing tasks, delegation and follow-up, coaching and developing direct reports.

Adaptable to Constant Change

With the careful selection of new employees based upon their operating styles as defined by Predictive Index and their learning ability measured by the Professional Learning Indicator, the company built a behavioral culture adaptable to constant change within a heavily regulated industry.

The Results Are Impressive

“Our team is stronger today because of the coaching, conflict resolution work and other leader development programs which The Oliver Group has designed for us. Our communication skills have improved, and we now communicate in ways that reflect trust and respect,” says Ray Leathers, President & CEO.

Improved Team Development

Greg Merrick, Vice-President of Human Resources explains: “We wanted a personality assessment tool that we could use for better people practices. We use PI for performance management; when we need to find out a bit more about a person we revisit their PI results for that additional insight.”

High Employee Satisfaction

Centier Bank has invested heavily in using the insight from PI to build better relationships within the bank. The Predictive Index has helped employees understand themselves and how their behavior and communication style impact others in the organization- better communication drives respect.

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