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Building an excellent team: Miami University’s journey

Miami University in Oxford, OH, is a public university with 16,000 students. In response to recent popularity of the sport, the university decided to enhance its golf program. They hired Coach Zac Zedrick of Wichita State University in 2011 to rebuild and lead the team.

Zac discovered Predictive Index as a selection and team building tool in 2013, and began working with Oliver Group. Through the use of the tool, the team was able to find areas of common ground and Coach Zedrick was able to better understand players’ strengths and weaknesses as they tackled mental and physical challenges.

The results have been spectacular. Miami University won the 2015 Mid-American Conference, winning by eight strokes, and 3 team members finished in the top 5.

They’re now headed to the NCAA championship. Best of luck, Redhawks!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Post by Jeanne Ward.


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