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Accountability In Leadership

It Only Takes One

I will get into how this relates to business, shortly, so please indulge me as I create context from a real-life experience I am betting most of us can relate to. I am one of those drivers, who, while in…

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Enemy Mirror Self-reflection

The Enemy is in the Mirror

By Tom Cox and Steve Hopkins   “I have looked in the mirror and have seen the enemy.” I shared this concept with a colleague recently in the context of my ongoing journey of personal development. If you’re a highly-driven…

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I Screwed Up!

Dealing with Change: The Leader’s Role Change: The Current Reality The pace of change in today’s marketplace is seemingly unsurpassed in human history. Malls go extinct as online portals like Amazon provide convenient, broader access and significant time savings. Skype,…

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Making Omelets or Raising Chickens?

A Leadership Style Story In one of my large company leadership roles, I was leading a team of well over 500 members and was responsible for growing the operation from $83M to $100M in two years. A primary focus was…

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People Development

Really? You Just Said That?

I am often amazed by what I read or see on the news about the attitudes of people. Borne out of ignorance, people continue to say and do some of the craziest things. In today’s world, the fact that hostile…

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