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Industry Experience  

  • Diverse leadership career in military, higher education and business
  • 10 years developing and evaluating new Army officers and soldiers
  • Led automotive supply chain for an ExxonMobil/Mitsubishi Chemical JV
  • Trusted advisor to CEOs and leadership teams throughout the U.S.



  • Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from James Madison University
  • Master’s of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville
  • Infantry Officer Basic and Combined Arms Advance Course
  • Graduate of US Army Airborne, Air Assault and Ranger Schools

Poor Leadership Moment  

  • In an attempt to show the effects of high explosives to a group of young soldiers, I broke the rules and put their lives in danger. It’s a lesson I will not soon forget.

Best Leadership Moment    

  • On a number of occasions, I have given clients a bit of advice or guidance that led to career- and life-changing events. It doesn’t get better than that.

Unique Facts

  • Due to the confidentiality of some of my experiences, let’s just say I’ve done some unique things.
  • I lost 46 pounds in 58 days, and I was not overweight when I started.

Famous Encounters   

  • While on a weekend bike ride, I noticed a group of people gathered in a park. All of them were staring at the ground. My curiosity was piqued and I soon discovered I was at Frederick the Great’s gravesite. I never thought I would get that close to history.
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